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Graduate Program

The department of Energy Systems Engineering which is composed of Energy Resources Engineering and Nuclear Engineering. If an applicant wants to study Energy Resources Engineering, he/she has to apply for admission to the department of Energy Systems Engineering. The applicant also needs to choose a major
field of study and an adviser.

The applicant should hold a Bachelor’s degree (in case of Masters program)
or a Master’s degree (in case of Doctoral program).
Application Period
Twice a year (April, October)
Document review and interview
Language Proficiency
Korean : TOPIK level 3 or higher
English : TOEFL(iBT) 86, TEPS 601 or higher
Course No. Course Title Credits Remark
459.500 Seminar in Energy Issues 3 Energy
459.501 Fundamental Waste Disposal Engineering in Underground Rock Mass 3
459.502 Advanced Energy and Energy Technology Economics  3
459.503 Topics in Seismic Prospecting 3
459.570A Topics in Energy Systems Engineering 3
459.575 Nuclear Control and International Cooperation 3
459.600 Topics in Petroleum and Gas Engineering  3
459.601 Energy System Reliability Analysis  3
459.700 Environmental Surface Chemistry 3
459.803 Dissertation Research  3
M1589.000300 Special Topic on Advanced Energy System Materials 3
459.525 Energy Resources Seminar* 1  
459.620 Topics in Electrical Prospecting  3  
459.621 Topics in Applied Geochemistry 3  
459.624 Numerical Analysis in Geophysics 3  
459.627 Rock Stress Analysis 3  
459.628 Geohazards Assessment 3  
459.629 Topics in Environmental Geochemistry 3  
459.630 Separation Process in Waste Minimization 3  
459.632 Topics in Energy and Environmental Geomechanics 3  
459.720 Econometric Analysis of Industry and Technology 3  
459.722 Topics in Geophysical Inverse Theory 3  
459.723 Advanced Geostatistics 3  
459.725 Fracture Mechanics of Rocks and Other Brittle Materials  3  
459.726 Topics in Electromagnetic Prospecting 3  
459.727A GIS for Energy System Design 3  
459.729 Analysis of Rock Mass Discontinuities 3  
459.731 Theory of Poroelasticity 3  
459.732 Numerical Analysis in Rock Engineering 3  
M0000.012400 Fundamentals of Geomechanics 3  
M0000.019800 Optimization of Reservoir Management 3  
M0000.019900 Topics in Petrophysics 3  
M0000.020000 Topics in Reservoir Engineering 3  
M0000.027200 Digital Rock Mass Survey 3  
M0000.027300 Machine Learning Applications in Petroleum Engineering 3  
M0000.027400 Rock Excavation Data Analysis 3  
M0000.027500 Learning Based Optimization of Well Operation 3  
M0000.027600 Advanced Principles of Resource Business Data Analysis 3  
M3510.000100 Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Technology 3  

* Students admitted since 2020 must take repeatedly 「459.525 Energy Resources Seminar(1 credit)」 courses which have numbers/titles that are identical but whose subtitles differ from each other to earn 2~3 credits per degree program.
  - Master’s :  at least 2 credits
  - Doctoral :  at least 2 credits
  - Combined Masters/Doctorate : at least 3 credits


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