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Rock Mechanics & Rock Engineering field carry out the researches on the physical, mechanical and hydraulic properties of rock and rock mass in theoretical, numerical and experimental aspects. Through conventional and creative laboratory testing, rock strength, deformation behavior and fracturing process in rock with different boundary conditions are examined. Based on the fundamental researches, engineering applications in terms of the design and analysis of the rock structures such as tunnels, underground caverns, and rock slopes as well as blasting and excavation in rock mass are carried out. Practical concerns in in-situ stress measurements, tunnel supports, consideration of anisotropy of rock, and determination of input parameters for the design of a rock structure are also studied. Energy and geo-environmental applications such as CO2 geosequestration, geothermal energy and deep geological repository for nuclear waste are also important area of rock mechanics which require thorough understanding of coupled thermal, mechanical and hydraulic processes within geological media. Recent researches include characterization of discontinuous rock mass, discontinuous deformation analysis (DDA), blasting simulation of a structure, Tunnel Boring Machine disc cutter design for the fast tunnel excavation, scaled model test of a tunnel in the various anisotropic rock conditions, and shear slip potential of deep geological repository for nuclear wastes.


Prof. Jeon, Seokwon
Prof. Song, Jae-Joon
Prof. Min, Ki-Bok


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