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The raw material extracted from the earth is high impure and must be upgraded before they are of use to society. The refining of material commodities involves a broad variety of science and technology, associated with the production, handling and separation of solid particles. Particles systems are also critical to many of the processes and products of modern industry. Thus, the main research activities of this ground are focused on physical concentration of valuable minerals from ore and particle processing. Also, as means of conserving natural resources and environment, our efforts have expanded to development of recycling technologies. Major topics of our field are
1) Mineral processing and resources recycling
   • Separation and beneficiation of minerals
   • Recovery of valuable resources from municipal industrial waste
   • DEM(Discrete Element Method) and SPH(Smoothed Particle Hydrodynamics)
   • comminution
2) Energy and environmental engineering
   • Clean coal technology and coal pretreatment technology
   • CO2-Foam EOR
   • Mineral carbonation of CO2 using industrial wastes
   • Reactive transport modeling of CO2 geological sequestration


Prof. Kang, Jin Soo


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