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Recruitment of Graduate Students (PhD and MSc degrees) for “SNU ERE Global Scholarship”

Seoul National University Energy Resources Engineering (SNU ERE) department is seeking motivated graduate students in all fields of broadly defined energy resources and geological engineering. The successful candidates will conduct fundamental and applied research in energy resources engineering together with designated course work.

The disciplines covered by the current SNU ERE department are rock mechanics/geomechanics, petroleum engineering, exploration geophysics, energy environmental geochemistry, energy GIS, mineral processing and energy economics.  (

SNU ERE will offer;
- Competitive living expenses, round trip airfare each year and sponsorship of scholarly activities such as domestic and international travels

- Opportunities for professional development with strong interaction in the industry and academia both in Korea and overseas.
- Tuitions for both MSc and PhD course.

1-2 positions are available for graduate students starting in Sept 2022 and interested applicants degree program will have to submit the application through SNU admission system ( ). Official application period for semester starting in September 2022 will be early March 2022 which will be announced later (in late January) in the SNU admission website( ) . It is highly recommended to contact the respective faculty member (with CV) prior to official application in order to ensure the eligibility of the application.



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