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Graduate Courses Curriculum

Graduate Program

The department of Energy Systems Engineering which is composed of Energy Resources Engineering and Nuclear Engineering. If an applicant wants to study Energy Resources Engineering, he/she has to apply for admission to the department of Energy Systems Engineering. The applicant also needs to choose a major
field of study and an adviser.

The applicant should hold a Bachelor’s degree (in case of Masters program)
or a Master’s degree (in case of Doctoral program).
Application Period
Twice a year (April, October)
Document review and interview
Language Proficiency
Korean : TOPIK level 3 or higher
English : TOEFL(iBT) 86, TEPS 601 or higher
Course No. Course Title Credits Remark
459.500 Seminar in Energy Issues 3 Energy
459.501 Fundamental Waste Disposal Engineering in Underground Rock Mass 3
459.502 Advanced Energy and Energy Technology Economics  3
459.503 Topics in Seismic Prospecting 3
459.570A Topics in Energy Systems Engineering 3
459.575 Nuclear Control and International Cooperation 3
459.600 Topics in Petroleum and Gas Engineering  3
459.601 Energy System Reliability Analysis  3
459.700 Environmental Surface Chemistry 3
459.803 Dissertation Research  3
M1589.000300 Special Topic on Advanced Energy System Materials 3
459.525 Energy Resources Seminar* 1  
459.620 Topics in Electrical Prospecting  3  
459.621 Topics in Applied Geochemistry 3  
459.624 Numerical Analysis in Geophysics 3  
459.627 Rock Stress Analysis 3  
459.628 Geohazards Assessment 3  
459.629 Topics in Environmental Geochemistry 3  
459.630 Separation Process in Waste Minimization 3  
459.632 Topics in Energy and Environmental Geomechanics 3  
459.720 Econometric Analysis of Industry and Technology 3  
459.722 Topics in Geophysical Inverse Theory 3  
459.723 Advanced Geostatistics 3  
459.725 Fracture Mechanics of Rocks and Other Brittle Materials  3  
459.726 Topics in Electromagnetic Prospecting 3  
459.727A GIS for Energy System Design 3  
459.729 Analysis of Rock Mass Discontinuities 3  
459.731 Theory of Poroelasticity 3  
459.732 Numerical Analysis in Rock Engineering 3  
M0000.012400 Fundamentals of Geomechanics 3  
M0000.019800 Optimization of Reservoir Management 3  
M0000.019900 Topics in Petrophysics 3  
M0000.020000 Topics in Reservoir Engineering 3  
M0000.027200 Digital Rock Mass Survey 3  
M0000.027300 Machine Learning Applications in Petroleum Engineering 3  
M0000.027400 Rock Excavation Data Analysis 3  
M0000.027500 Learning Based Optimization of Well Operation 3  
M0000.027600 Advanced Principles of Resource Business Data Analysis 3  
M3510.000100 Carbon Capture, Utilization and Storage Technology 3  

* Students admitted since 2020 must take repeatedly 「459.525 Energy Resources Seminar(1 credit)」 courses which have numbers/titles that are identical but whose subtitles differ from each other to earn 2~3 credits per degree program.
  - Master’s :  at least 2 credits
  - Doctoral :  at least 2 credits
  - Combined Masters/Doctorate : at least 3 credits


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