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School Scholarship

Scholarship for Tuition Support and Exemption
Scholarship that exempts students with excellent grades or economic difficulties among those who are upright and had 2.7 or higher grade in the previous semester from some or all tuition fees.
Academic Scholarship
Scholarship that exempts undergraduate students with extremely good grades among those who have normally completed more than one semester from the full amount of tuition.
Working Scholarship
Scholarship provided after engaging in various work and practice activities in the school for students who want to work due to financial difficulties or who are recommended by other students or professors.
Scholarship on supporting lecture and study
Full exemption of tuition and monthly payment of scholarships upon recommendation of a professor by carrying out research assistance, teaching assistance and school administration assistance.

Out-of-school scholarship

National Scholarship for Science and Engineering
Full tuition scholarship is offered until graduation for actively inducing excellent youth students to natural science and engineering while maintaining the conditions required by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation. It would nurture students as core manpower and secure the national competitiveness in the field of science and technology.
Presidential Science Scholarship
Full tuition and extra academic incentive is supported to foster world’s core scientist group while maintaining the conditions required by the Korea Science and Engineering Foundation. The scholarship aims to select and foster the best high school students who would lead creative and potential field of science and technology in the 21st century.
Other Scholarships
Out-of-school scholarship foundation (group or individual) gives full or part tuition scholarships.

Student Loan

Government guaranteed student loan
Under a government-guaranteed student loan system as part of the welfare scholarship program, students can apply for a loan at the Korea Student Aid Foundation’s website ( and submit documentary evidence to the undergraduate office at a certain time.

SNU College of Engineering and Energy Resources Engineering Scholarship Information

Name of Scholarship
School Scholarship
Grade Standard
Grade Honors Scholarship, Scholarship for excellent freshmen, International student scholarship
Income Standard
National basic living security scholarship, (Foreign student) Customized Scholarship
Partial scholarship for entrance and tuition fee
Legal Standard
Men of national merit, Independence merit, North Korean defector
Work-study Scholarship
(National) Work-study scholarship (type1~5, 320,000~800,000 won per month)
Graduate School
Lecture and research support scholarship(tuition & monthly scholarship)
Out-of-school Scholarship
Common for College of Engineering
National scholarship(science & engineering), National scholarship(Ⅰ, Ⅱ), Presidential science scholarship, Seoul National University development fund scholarship, College of Engineering foundation of education and research scholarship, Out-of-school foundation scholarship
Energy Resources Engineering
Alumni scholarship


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