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Energy Resources Engineering is

Field of study that deals with exploration, production, recycling and management of energy and mineral resources. Also it covers global environment change, analysis of environmental effect and government’s policy. The target energy of Energy Resources Engineering includes not only traditional energy like oil and gas, but also new-renewable energy such as geothermal energy, bio-energy, gas hydrate, waste energy and so on. The target mineral also includes industrial mineral like iron, copper, gold, silver, diamond, uranium and aggregate as well as minor-strategic minerals like lithium and tungsten which are essential for national development through fourth industrial revolution.

Energy resource is indispensable element for our everyday life and economic development. However, countries around the world strive for stable supply of energy resource due to the limited reserves. As the issues about securing energy resources alter from geopolitical problem to preoccupancy of generic technology from the 21st century, Korean government makes an effort to train top-level human resources and develop technology of energy resources field like the developed countries. This national necessity made Energy Resources Engineering department independent from existing department system since 2008. Education and research field of Energy Resources Engineering department of Seoul National University is largely divided into 4 groups which are 1) energy resources development system, 2) renewable energy and strategical resource, 3) global environment and human life environment and 4) energy infrastructure and construction infrastructure




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