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The petroleum & natural gas engineering field in the department conducts teaching and researches on the production of conventional and unconventional oil & gas resources. We also cover contaminants migration in porous media and subsurface CO2 storage. Since subsurface has a lot of uncertainties due to limited information, we study and tackle issues related subsurface resources and environmental protection. The research areas include drilling simulation, well control and drilling problems, deep-sea drilling, reservoir characterization, and production optimization for both conventional and unconventional hydrocarbon resources. Numerical modeling and Geostatistics are key tools for solving related tasks. Lab members are well-trained and familiar with typical commercial softwares such as Petrel, Eclipse, Pipesim, OLGA, etc. Recent project experiences in the Lab are: “Development of reservoir characterization and monitoring systems for an optimal production from unconventional reservoirs” mainly for oil sands; “Fast evaluation of well placement in heterogeneous reservoir using machine learning” for production optimization; “A learning-based data-driven forecast approach” for predicting reservoir future performnces; “Development of hydraulic fracturing evaluation technology” for shale gas; “Development of modeling technologies of well control” for waterbased and oil-based muds with directional and horizontal well trajectories; “Drilling optimization using drilling time and cost analyses” using real field operation data; “Torque and drag analysis program for the validation of BHA” for analysis and design of directional wells; “Demonstration-scale offshore CO2 storage project in Pohang Basin, Korea” for CO2 injection modeling into an aquifer and aquifer characterization using observed data; “Fast assessment of CO2 plume migration”; “Optimal design of pressure monitoring network for geological CO2 storage”.


- Choe, John (Jonggeun)
- Jeong, Hoonyoung


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