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Environmental Geochemistry and Resources Environmental Engineering

Major interest of our research group focuses on the environmental issues related to resources development processes and the recovery of useful resources while solving the environmental problems. One of the study topics is the investigation and treatment of the environmental contamination caused by natural resource development activities. Researches about the sources of the contaminants, their chemical forms, and pathways into surficial environment including soil, water, sediment and plants are carried out in the laboratory. This geochemical study includes the development of contamination controlling processes in urban environment, and at the minerals and energy resources development sites. Our research group also concerns the recovery of usable resources within the contaminated environment treatment processes. Especially, we are focusing on the reclaiming the valuable mineral resources during produced water treatment process after unconventional energy resource developments or wastewater treatment process in urban wastewater treatment plants.


Chung, Eunhyea (


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